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Incarcia is a near sunless world, tormented by both man and monster alike and forsaken by its creators. Once the birthplace of myth and wonder, such times now only seem mere legend to its denizens, suffocated by their own hands and left to rot in graves dug by themselves. Before the disappearance of the world's creators, known as the Fourborn, Incarcia was near utopian, a land of people descended from the stars and risen from forest and stone. It was only when the Gods were cast down that this world witnessed true darkness through the shadow of Sincarnus the Black Seeker, believed to be the God of malevolence and magic and the source of all that is unholy in the known realms of the multiverse. Everywhere, the Seeker's presence can be felt, a stifling air of paranoia and anger that warps reality to its whim wherever evil brews, siring nightmares and catastrophe in its wake. In the land of Incarcia, arcane magic is no mere subject to be taught and learned, but rather a cunning beast that cannot be caged, a direct expression of the Seeker asserted through mortal hands, and it is this ever-present darkness that has forged the modern day as you will know it.

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